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Valuable guidance that really helps. . .

1)  Before you start hanging drywall, or

2) Know what to look for in an exceptional St. Louis drywall contractor if you hire it out.

346345James, WOW, you guys did a great job. I apologize that I did not see it Friday, but you guys surpassed my expectations. Thank you for that.    -H. Vahling, GreenGuysSTL.com

Relax. You just found some very useful information when it comes to making things go just the way you want- no matter which way you go with the job.

Now, if you intend on doing all or part of this project yourself, click here for DIY Drywall- a manual that will provide you with all the basics.

Also remember that some people prefer to install, or at least start sheetrock repair themselves, but then call a reputable professional to do the ceilings.  

If you’re going to hire the job out or looking for a Newnan Roofing company, contact Nutt Roofing & Siding – https://www.nuttroofing.com/

Here are 4 tips to make sure you get a St Louis drywall contractor that does the job the way you want it.

If you want to hire a pro to do all or part of the job . . .
 Call James O’Grady at 314 488 2912 for a free estimate. All major credit cards accepted.

Why would you want to pick us for your drywall contractor?

James has 22 years of experience, a commitment to doing a job well and his carefully hand-picked team make sure you are more than satisfied.

3 things needed before a great job takes shape- 

1. The right sheetrock tools,

2. A willingness to work patiently, and

3. Skills (or lots of practice!)

Below- All drywall seams and screw holes need to be thoroughly smoothed. Since there are ways to cut corners in the drywall business, one of the best discoveries you can find is a pro who cares enough to do it right. This project is now ready for the last stage.  

My team strives to do the kind of job I know you’ll be happy with. I genuinely consider myself and my company to be the one you would pick if you wanted it done the way we would our own home.
My experience ranges from commercial buildings to houses and condos. With residential work, I make sure that you aren’t left cleaning a mess afterward. My reputation and my name is on all the work we do, and that’s very important to me. It also means you won’t have be be concerned about inferior workmanship, because we deliver results you’ll be proud of. 

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